CRG to std.metric front hubs

Who carries / makes standard metric front hubs that can be used on a CRG style kart?

Like these? You’d need to identify the size of your front spindle shaft. 17mm or 25mm?

The ones on it currently are ~77mm from the face to the inside lip (the width) x 16.9mm shaft. So, I guess any of the 17mm ones should work from what I gather.20180510_170615%5B1%5D

Yep 17mm. The bearing sizes are pretty universal and for the most part hubs are totally interchangeable once the spindle diameter is the same.

The main thing to be aware of is the length of the hub. Or to be specific, the distance from the inner bearing race to the mating surface on the wheel as this determine your track width/scrub radius.


Did you ever get the conversation done? If so what did you use

Yes, although I’ll have to look tonight as I’ve sleep since then.

The simple spindles were then replaced with ones to allow front brakes.

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This generic one I think I bought off Ebay (before the brake hub). 17mm ID bearing x 71mm (wheel face). 50mm pattern.