CRG VEN-91 Brake Replacement

(Brian Kuempel) #1

Anyone know of a drop-in replacement caliper for the CRG VEN-91? I want to replace the front calipers but would rather not replace the spindle, hub or brake discs.

Or, if anyone has any laying around, I need the front left inner half and the front right outer half.


(James McMahon) #2

Can you put up a picture and maybe bolt spacing dimensions? I think I know the system you’re talking about, but not 100% sure.

(Brian Kuempel) #3

Picture added. Thanks for the help.

(Nicholas Bushnell) #4

Bolt spacing dimensions would really help narrow it down but if you wanted to you could create custom brackets to bolt on different type of calipers.

(Brian Kuempel) #5

Bolt spacing between mounting holes is 62mm.
Distance from spindle mount to caliper centerline is approx 26mm.
Mounting bolts are 8mm.

The VEN-99 caliper looks like it may be close. If anyone has a set they could measure, it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

(Nicholas Bushnell) #6

I just sold my chassis that had ven99 brakes on it last weekend but i think ven04 was 60mm. I have a ven04 bracket at work and will let you know tomorrow the exact spacing.

(Nicholas Bushnell) #7

The bolt spacing for a Ven04 caliper appeared to be 63.5mm

(Brian Kuempel) #8

Thanks. Unbelievably, CRG Italy dug up two complete front calipers. I am out of the woods.

Thanks for the help!