Critique my driving please

Need to find another second! Kart feels way too bouncy and oversteery coming into the esses after the main straight. I’ve taken 5mm spacers out from front. Still not the way I’d like it.

This session I’ve actually injured my L ribs, have a bone scan on Monday.

Compkart covert 3.0
Rotax Senior max EVO

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Track is Eastern Creek in Sydney, Australia.

What is the rest of your setup like? Looks like the kart loses the rear at max load (around apex), so the outside rear isn’t accepting how much you’re asking.

Driving doesn’t look terrible, but there are a few instances of inconsistent throttle application (0:15) and some delayed throttle application (0:34, 0:41).

1485 rear. Not sure about front and Medium axle with a soft seat.

The late throttle at 34 is due to the pain I was on, usually just a slight lift and straight back onto power at apex.

The inconsistent power at exit .41 is because everytime I even feather the throttle around that turn the rear just wants to drift out wide.