Critique my video please

From last Sunday at Newcastle Motorsports park.
Ka100 Senior class Final on Sunday
Struggled with driving due to huge swing in track grip.
Fairly neutral setup
Any advice is appreciated
Part 1

Part 2

I like how when the guy passes you and then taps the back of his helmet to say push me, in the next turn, you did… right off the track! :hugs:

That was never my intention and had I been using my brain I would have stayed behind him because he was faster than me. Thanks for the review! I thought that I was struggling on the straights.

You didn’t push him, I misspoke for effect. Rather you closed the door back on him. There was no contact. It was just funny in that he popped in ahead of you and was like “push me”. Your response was “nope!” And took the place right back.

I did notice that after you passed the Merlin guy it seemed like a turbo kicked in. You started to really hustle. I’m not sure if that’s an illusion in that you had clear track but you sure seemed to fly.

I will say that the level of driving seems really good and that it looks like you have a really skilled field. Unfortunately I have no advice in that I still suck at this. However, I thought it looked great.

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Thank you. I was pushing as hard as I could, but it didn’t help that I struggled on the straights.
Trying to learn how to drive better in high grip. Any tips? @Eric_Gunderson @tjkoyen