Croc Promotion Vs OTK (handling)

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I’ve got a few mates with Croc’s and say that they turn like no tomorrow, ie, wherever you point the front end it goes, and is only really limited by rear grip. I have a tonykart and it doesnt feel like this, so im considering a move to a croc as it sounds like its better for my driving style, but none of them have ever driven an OTK to compare.
I was wondering if any of you have ever driven both to compare, and could share some insight into the differences?

Basically a setup question only.

Otk is known to be quite pointy, check your setup first.

Different tires etc? There are a lot of factors when driving another ones kart that could make it feel better.

Buying a new chassis pure on feel when you haven’t tried other setups on your own is just money down the drain


If you’re talking about a Croc MC01 vs an OTK 401RR, the Croc feels heavier to me, but at the end of the day I don’t drive either one different than the other and they are capable of turning the same laps.

If your OTK doesn’t want to go where you put it, you have a setup problem or an equipment problem most likely.

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OTK generally is considered to have quite a heavy and pointy front-end. If yours doesn’t, you need to confirm the setup and driving is correct. I doubt changing brands will solve your issue.

Can you share your current setup? Maybe we can pinpoint an issue.

Let’s get back to discussing OTK vs. Croc chassis.

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I drove a racefactory chassis(similar to croc I believe) for a while and now the OTK for the past season. Definitely agree with others on checking your setup. Baseline OTK should go where you want it to. When I first went to the OTK I thought it was “harder” as in more physical work to turn in but I put an angled shim on the hub and it’s perfect to me

A few years back I ran Croc (ATK and ??) karts for a couple of years. Most of my karts were OTK and they are heavy steering karts and if not, there is certainly something wrong. The last Croc I ran was 2017-18 30mm conventional chassis. When I switched back to OTK, I was expecting significant lap time gains, that didn’t happen. Maybe it’s a 1/10 or 2/10 quicker but that’s it. Variations in driving and getting the setup right probably swamped out the difference. For me, it seemed that the Croc lost more performance with tire use when compared to an OTK. Also, the Croc and the OTK I think were comparable with an X30 but the OTK seemed a bit better with the KA motors. The Croc chassis seems less damped than the OTK.

This is 100% a setup question, at least to me. Have you played around with your setup on your kart at all? Tried widening your front track width?

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At least out here more guys are having to run seats further forward to get the turn in ideal with otk but everyone is different

Thanks for all this info guys, I got back out last weekend and can confirm my setup was all over the place , cheers for the input I do appreciate it!