Custom brake hose insanity

Kart brake hoses are a royal pain to get made. You’d think in a city the size of Oklahoma City someone would be able to make one without having to use large diameter hydraulic hose. I guess I was naive when I thought motorcycle shops should be able to handle this.

In case you are wondering, I just need a Y hose from the master cylinder to an older style rear caliper (CRG VEN04) with a connection on both sides, since I’m converting from rear only with 2 masters to front and rear. Simple enough - right?

Cry for help or just venting?

Hey, if you know someone who can make something like that, let me know. I only have one other local place to contact Monday.

Maybe someone on here has a shop!

You could try PSL Karting, they may have something that works, or know someone who does. You could try other brands that are CRG based too, GP is one that came to mind.

Do you have (or does one exist) a CRG P/N?

It is an '08 GP Racing kart. The caliper is marked 15/16/FR/08, and every diagram I found only showed one simple, non-Y brake hose. So I added some fluid to it and found that the two sides are connected. I’m not sure why they (or a PO) would have connected two masters to one brake cylinder, other than for less pedal travel or redundancy.

I’m going to go buy a 10mm plug and see how it works compared to the fronts. I’m not sure of the diameter of the front vs rear pistons, but since the rear is a four piston unit the number of pistons will be the same.

I found out that M10x1.0 plugs are not generally available, or even a short M10x1.0 bolt.

Sigh… add it to the online order for other stuff.

Some CRG/GPs ran 2 calipers spaced around 90 degrees apart on the one rear disc/ rotor. 2 master cylinders no Y hoses. ie 2 completely separate systems.
On the pics I have seen each caliper has 3 bleed nipples plus 1 feed .

Thanks for that tidbit, that’s interesting. This just has one caliper on it now, but who knows it may have had two when it was in heavy competition and that was all stripped off before it left California.

On the Tulsa Oklahoma track, brakes were never an issue with the 80cc Honda shifter engine. But with the electric conversion adding about 60 pounds of weight with the long-range battery, plus a lot more torque, having some additional stopping power I felt was necessary.

Anyhow, caliper plug is ordered and that should work fine without having to spend more money on a custom brake hose.

Try hydraulic places?

Try calling these guys:

Thanks - I was able to replace the 2nd hose with a brake bleeder screw. Works fine.

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