Custom Helmet Sticker Kits

Thanks! Just hit me up when you are ready to swap out for the new design.

Also wrapped up a really cool custom-colored kit.


Big shoutout to you Clayton for this idea, they turned out great! For anyone on the fence about these I would say go for it, I’ll admit I was skeptical about the price but the decals are really high quality and very forgiving (I would know, it took me about 15 tries to get some of these situated the way I wanted). They also came pre-cut which was a huge help.

If anyone is looking for tips I can’t say I’m an expert but I didn’t need any heat like you sometimes need with vinyl, just a lot of patience. If you get really small bumps on some of the creases you can very carefully cut a little slot for relief which takes care of it mostly.

5 stars!


Woot, same as me. I also freestyled. I like your interpretation. The colors are nice and rich, I thought. Nice printing. And I did find the material very forgiving as well.

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Ira thank you for the kind words and it looks great you nailed it!

It really means a lot to me that everyone has been loving them so far. I know they are kinda pricey, but between the cost of vinyl, getting them printed, and shipping I don’t make much off of them. It’s more of a passion project to keep myself busy and help others spice up their helmet.

I hope that as the orders continue to roll in I can justify buying a printer/cutter and can hopefully bring down prices and lead time.


Well never thought I’d be shipping halfway across the globe to Hong Kong.


Awesome! Congrats on your first intl client

I’ve sold maybe 5 or so standard kits to the UK, maybe 10+ to Germany, and 2 to Australia, but this is the first all-custom kit that is going some serious miles from home.


Can you do a commission?

I need new helmet art to go with my indoor racing suit which will look like this:



Also can you work rebel scum racing in the design somehow?

Typeface is Monoton

I’m playing with the idea of Lakers (because Fletch would have approved).

Sent you a pm

Adobe is gonna force me to buy illustrator and photoshop to get ability to mask and output things at high resolutions.

Of course they aren’t on the same “plan”. What program are you using to create the stickers?

A bit crude but…

@Bimodal_Rocket yours stickers are ready, hot off the press!



Thank you!

Clayton – Can you do just a set of visor strips?

Yes I can. I’ve got a general minimum order size through the print shop I use, so I can probably stick 6 or 8 visor strips into a single order.

I can not wait to see this whole getup on the track!


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I love it. I can’t wait to get the whole package done. I’ll likely end up having the suits screen/printed, as the fellow from design wolf thinks might be best. He says emb is a no go for large designs.

I also lost a glove which gives me the opportunity to add further to the gold/purple/white scheme.

Can you whip me up some new teeth and Botox too?

how much for some visor strips?

The custom visor strips seem like a popular product.


Rough guess with minimum print charge and shipping it would be $50-60. That’s if it’s a “standard” visor strip and doesn’t require much design work. It would be a pack of half a dozen visor strips so you’d be set for a while.

If we can wrangle a handful of guys into an order the price would come down fast since I could get more strips for print setup.

Would the pricing be for KeslerDesignWork or for custom visor strip? My helmet is a Bell M8, pretty standard.

To me “standard” would just be a couple colors or simple design. Changing out the font to something custom is really easy and straightforward. My template for the visor strips is pretty universal and fits most helmets. It’s based off the Bell template so it would be a great fit for the M8.

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Is it just me or did you make a GIF of @Bimodal_Rocket