Custom Helmet Sticker Kits

Would chrome/metalics be more expensive than the traditional colors?

If I understand how you do this, are the colors are printed and cut vs cut from a pre-colored vinyl and layered?

Yes just a tad more expensive as the printing substrate/process is a bit more costly and needs to be layered. Also yes these will be printed onto a blank white piece of vinyl and machine cut to size.

I stand a bit corrected below by TJ.

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Chrome cannot be printed, so it would be cut separately and layered into the design between the laminates. Same goes for things like heavy metal flake or holographics. Metallic inks can be printed, though not all printers are set up for them.

It’s actually a lot like painting a helmet in terms of the layers.

Tah-dah! Should have these initial colorways (reds, greens, blues, oranges, pinks) worked into other designs this weekend for everyone. Thanks for all of the support. Definitely the friendliest forums I’ve every been apart of. :grin:


@KeslerDesignWorks you mentioned you had painted helmets before, got any of your work to share?

Oh boy I’ll have to go digging in the attic for my old dirt track helmets. I mostly did free hand airbrushing before it evolved into the very geometric/straight lines of today.

That’s cool, I wish I was better with the freehand airbrush/mural stuff. The style I work in is what I enjoy and think looks coolest, but having that skill to freehand something would come in handy. I can manage it but it gives me anxiety whenever a client asks for something like that, and it usually takes a fair bit of trial and error for me to get it looking right.

It made up for my lack of patience for so much masking and peeling tape!

Sold to the dog in the white helmet!
Lmk when to order.

Either @tjkoyen or @KeslerDesignWorks
Do either of you have a ballpark price for a design with gold chrome?
(Sticker kit)
Wanna know if it’s doable for me, if it is, I’m sold

I probably won’t be offering chrome, not looking to do inlays, just printing.

Sorry for the delay everyone, hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving. Still working on designs and pricing with vendors. Have our final local club race this following weekend so my weekends will be free to work on this project.

Anyways it’s looking like be able to maintain the roughly $100 price point. I had some cheaper samples made, but it’s not up to my standards. Getting what I hope to be the final prototypes made and I’ll have some photos up soon of the finished products.

Can’t wait to share the end results with everyone. Cheers!


Not sure how it would drive up cost but you could include additional stickers so that they don’t all look the same.

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Are people from EU going to be able buying from you ?

I’d have to look into shipping across the pond, but I don’t see why not.

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I ordered a sticker kit back around Thanksgiving off ebay for my little guy’s helmet… it is still stuck somewhere in a warehouse in the Chicago area, not sure if I will ever see it :frowning:

Definitely interested in this route if that delivery doesn’t come through. Too late to put on his helmet and under the tree for tomorrow, but his Birthday isn’t too far away…

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Quick update for everyone. Picking up another sample this Monday and will get images up once I get it installed. Fingers crossed this is the final iteration. I’m also going to pick up some graphics printed on a silver/chrome backing for the metallic look a lot of you have asked for. I’ve got 3 other “standard” designs with different colors way I’m trying to knock out (rough draft of one of the designs below). Lastly, I’ve got a decent draft of a shopping website working and hope to have it ready soon. Stay tuned I can’t wait to share the hard work with everyone.


Woot! 20 chars :tada::tada::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::racing_car::racing_car:

Decals came out great! Colors really pop, blacks are nice and dark! I’m going to add some elements to fill in the front and back of the helmet to complete the looks, but otherwise the design and R&D is 90% done. I working on a site so everyone can order, but it’s going to take a month or so with my schedule to complete. If anyone is interested before then I might do orders manually through Paypal or similar. I’m not 100% set on pricing and shipping, but I’m going to let this first rounds of prototype decals go for cost to get feedback from Kartpulse users. Next design will be printed on a silver metallic substrate that looks really cool and has a candied effect. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support. Cheers!


Love it! Let me know when done and I will order one.