Custom Helmet Sticker Kits

That is sweet! I’m not a huge fan of the dirt spots but the other one is really cool. Will they work on arai helmets as well?

I think something a bit simpler and less broken up would also be cool.

Will they be color customizable or pre made?

Love everything you’re doing so far. I’ll probably order one for this season

Sorry again to everyone for the delay. I really wanted to release these around early spring, but a cross country moved really slowed that down. Never the less I’ve still been designing like crazy and chasing down manufacturing. I’ve had to start over and went thru 8 different vendors working on pricing, colors, and materials.

I’ve found a good vendor and finally 100% done on the first design. I’ll get some better images, but I just finished wrapping this helmet with the new vinyl. Final design for the productions kits won’t have the large branding on the visor, unless someone wants to run that.

This is how the kits will be delivered. I’ve settled on some really nice vinyl that has micro-holes (invisible to the eye) that helps releases trapped air if you get a small air bubble and is super user friendly to lay down.

I’ve got roughly 5 different design styles complete each with around 3-4 different color ways. Below is a sample of one in progress. Also I’m working on a template for driver name, flag, & number as a simple add-on to the kits.

If anyone is local to the Phoenix area let me know. I’d love to help someone wrap a helmet and get some final feedback. Thanks.


Feel free to start a new topic in classifieds for the kits.

Nice looking designs, and I LOVE the idea of the micro-holes in the vinyl to help release trapped air bubbles! GREAT idea! Way to go! What do you think you’ll be pricing them at?

I would like to purchase a lid wrap.

My goal is still to be around the $100-125 mark. Looks like that should be possible. Need to figure out some logistics on shipping costs. My goal is to ship them in a strong cardboard tube instead of an envelope style packing to keep them well protected, but that will cost a bit more to ship.

PM sent.

Website is on the way. Could be done faster, but I kinda enjoy learning and doing these kinda things myself. Final R&D set is printing for one of our forum members. I have 4 more design concepts being printed. It’s all coming together. Thanks again to everyone for the support.

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I am gonna need a Kessler design works visor sticker too

I snuck it into the design, but can get you an extra one with the KDW logo on the visor strip.

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Ok thanks! Appreciated.

Figured most people wouldn’t mind a small logo hidden in the artwork, but didn’t want to be a rolling billboard for me. :sweat_smile:

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Visor strip finishes of the custom look in my opinion!

Agreed, that’s why all designs have a matching visor strip that comes with it.

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I need to start getting some made for the helmets that I paint!

I think a base color other than white will make a huge difference on the look. Even a stock black helmet with stickers would look better than white.

Very true. The underlying color can really change the look.

Shoot me a message if you need some help.

I’m pretty excited to get this design wrapped up. It’s getting printed and I’ll be wrapping a locals helmet this weekend.


That’s the best looking one so far!

I concur. Is dope. Big seller.

I take back what I said about white. The blue on white looks good. If you look at the majority of the helmets that will be stickered, they will likely be white. Just a thought and you may have already considered this: Make a set of stickers that pop on a white helmet.

Now you need to have cool trade name, “stickers”
don’t do these justice.