Custom Helmet Sticker Kits

How about “go fast graphics”. Guaranteed to add 5hp and shave 5 tenths! :sunglasses: Still working shopping the name and guessing whatever our Google overlords says will generate the most search hits lol

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How about “Faster Technologies, LLC”

I mean if you gonna make stickers might as well make speed/hp claims.

Bigger markets likely not karting, so pick a name that has a general appeal.

A couple people have asked so here’s how the latest one will look on a dark helmet. Put the hammer down on the website this weekend and it’s almost fully functional!


Can the colors be changed on the website?

Not yet, I’m looking into systems that allows users to select colors. So far every option I’ve looked at is $$$. I’m building my site thru Wix, since I already had a small one page website thru them. The custom color plugins/systems I’ve seen want me to build and host a new site.

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New wrap started! I may need Stilo specific designs. It has a lot of contours on the front. Getting the vinyl to lay flat is a bit harder, but nothing the fiancé’s hair dryer doesn’t sort out.


That looks good! Helmets with lots of contours are a pain in the a$$ even when painting them. Motorcycle style helmets with their vents and contours drive me nuts!

Love it. Hopefully I can do a serviceable job with mine when it arrives.

I’ve never really paid attention to a Stilo helmet until now, but it has creases and ridges everywhere. The front chin area was a little funky, but even the top of the helmet has creases to work around. The Bell’s and Aria’s are so smooth in comparison.

I’ve got faith in you! It’s one of those things you just sit back, turn on the TV or radio for some noise and take your time. I got the one above 80% done in about 1.5 hrs stopping to have a snack. I’ll have it complete this weekend in another 10-20 minutes. Mostly taking me longer to trim around the Stilo’s funky visor opening.

Can you do the one of the left with white lines where there is black lines

I do have one in the works featuring blacks instead of white. I’ve got a mostly blue and red one in the works for this design as well.

Can you make KartPulse stickers, since my guilt trip campaign against James McMahon hasn’t gained any traction dispite all my previous efforts . . . :rofl:


Keep bugging him until he breaks down and sends me the vector file! I want some too, so I’d be more than happy to knock them out.

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I don’t have a vector file unfortunately. Not to say the PNGs I have couldn’t be converted.

You could call the biz “Sick Helmet Sticks” or something.

I think a really good bonus would be to give folks the ability to upload and print their own designs in demand. Not trivial to implement… but could be worthwhile as I don’t think anything like that exists ina niche of custom helmet design.

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Getting it to wrap properly is a huge hurdle. You can’t just slap a design on there without accommodating the curve of the shell or it’ll look droopy, so having anyone upload their own stuff would be tough.

I’m sure Clayton did the same, but on mine I spent a lot of time building a grid system template to measure and account for the curve of the helmet so it looks straight from profile view.

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Back in the day I recall a program that would make vector files from whatever source you gave it. We’d then go in and clean it up manually.

I guess you’d need templates like we have for bodywork then?

Yes, but even then because it’s a piece-meal design and not a full wrap, whatever you design, you have to account for where it will land on the helmet shell so make sure you get the right curve.

Part of the reason I haven’t done another design yet, I just don’t have time to build it out and figure out all the curves of everything and where stuff has to land to work and flow properly.

You can LiveTrace any bitmap in Illustrator but it would be easier in this case just to do it manually. Cleaning up the artwork and all the stray points and paths would be a pain and recreating the KP logo wouldn’t be too hard doing it by hand.

Again, something I would be happy to do if I had time!