Custom Helmet Sticker Kits

It reminds me of the thrasher logo. It’s based off an existing typeface so it should be very easy to remake. @KartingIsLife do you recall the typeface?

Correct. I’d love to really go crazy on the shapes and amount of individual items that makeup a kit. But there is certain sizes and shapes that just don’t want to lay down. The design above went on my Bell helmet no problem. The size and scale of everything was bang on. Grabbed a Stilo and the front chin area did not lay down at all like I hoped. The upper peice above the visor distorted down towards the visors more than I liked.
I’m going to need to scale the designs and warp them to keep them more universal.

My templates are scaled so when I’m drafting on them and working out what I want they should be close in size, but you never know until you print them. I just sent out a template to someone for a custom kit for them to sketch on, but it’s going to be a good chunk of work converting that to a valid design. It was always a bit easier painting because you can freehand some lines using very fine pinstripe tape and get the general design to work, but vinyl can be so unforgiving on compound curves i.e. all helmets.

I’m guessing you printed the graphics for the recent Pokemon helmet? That thing came out amazing btw! Is there any issues with the vinyl and the solvents in the paints/clears?

Thanks! Yeah the individual Pokémon were printed. No way I was painting all of those by hand, would’ve taken me a month just doing those haha. I try to paint everything I can but on these Indy helmets the timelines are tight and Conor always wants wild stuff…

Never have issues with the paint affecting the decals. A lot of the crazy stuff you see on special F1 helmets is decal as well, not painted. And a lot of the standard F1 drivers’ stuff coming out of the Bell factory paint booth is water transfer decal.

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It is based off something actually and someone on this very forum figured out what it is… I’ll have to look for the message.

Or do we need a new logo :laughing:

Super Max inspired design is almost complete!

Just ironing out payment methods thru Wix and should be ready for orders!

So how does this work across different brands/shapes of helmets. Do you just design them in a way that makes them safe for most models?

Yea, I have a small and large shell helmet that I’m using as a reference. I like to draw out the designs in with a dry-erase marker. I’ll take some rough dimensions and transfer them into Illustrator. I tend to oversize some of the elements that meet around the visor area. Every brand has a different shape and size opening so I allow people to do a small amount of trimming of the stickers in that area.

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I’m happy to say website is finally complete and ready for orders! I’ve actually already had a couple come through and everything seems to be working. Thank you to everyone for the support and patience! @KartingIsLife Do you want me to make a separate thread in the classifieds?

Also, made a makeshift photo shoot set. Going to get some glamor photos up soon once I give them some love in Photoshop!

Final images:


This bad boy is going to the printers this weekend. First print in metallic, hopefully it comes out nice and golden. If it does I think I’ll be rocking this one personally for awhile.


Can you do custom designs?

Of course! I’ve got a couple in the works right now.

Getting a little wild with this one! Doing multiple variant with different patterns an colors.

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Did you have a websites posted yet?

It’s up a couple posts, but here ya go.

I had a couple sets of this design printed to prototype with. Used 2 of the 3 on various helmets. Giving away the extra set to anyone that wants it. Just cover shipping and it’s yours. They are a bit large so in the final design I shrunk them 15% or so. I recommend you have a large shell helmet for this kit, Stilo pictured is a size 59 for reference. Message me if you’re interested. Thanks.

I’m just waiting for the yellow and black camo design to be added to the site to order!

Heard! I’m hustlin. Was out traveling early this week. Will be back in the home office and to the grind stone tonight! :sweat_smile:

I rally really need to face this and take a night off from sim and try to make this work.

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Does your designs work on arai sk6. Size S. And can you make a custom one like praga kart themed