Custom Helmet Sticker Kits

I heard it’s guaranteed to drop 1 second off your sim lap times once installed…

Yes, I can do custom designs! This prototype set is probably too large for a small sized helmet, but if you’re handy with a sharp knife you could trim it down to fit around the eye-opening areas.

oh and can you send me a 1:1 scale template of the Stripes icy blue design if 1:1 scale is not possible just send a template in what format possble so i can get a goof look on it and change it up a lil and send it back yo you. As high resulution as possible pls : )

Sure let me package up something for you and I’ll send you something to sketch on.

There is not a problem to make it digital either. I live in sweden so probably would take a while. Like a digital template or something. :smiley::sweat_smile:

So I kinda went freestyle… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: pics to follow. I have not pulled the backing off yet as I need to hit it with the ol whalebone.

The Arai sticker sorta complicated piece 1 so I decided to immediately deviate.

The top design having changed, we had to make stuff fit nicely.

From this angle it kind of looks like I’m sending a message to those chasing me.

I reinterpreted somewhat given my already installed doodads. It kinda has a tribal feel. I like.

The material is of very high quality and the printing is flawless. The colors are super saturated and look like spot colors as opposed to printed color.

The varied curved surfaces are a pita with stickers but this worked well. It is flexible. In some places I had to make little cuts (around hardware). The Dyson hairdryer and a pass with the whalebone (or equivalent flat, smooth, curved surface) makes it all look quite nice.


Looks great!!! Glad you finally got the chance for an install. That helmet has all the vents. We need to get you a red visor.

Like seeing how everyone has a little different variation on how they apply the decals. I don’t even follow my own designs sometimes and freely place stickers where they look best.

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Play with your Vegetables

Enduro Battery Setup

It’s a YoloTek Juicebox. Should do about 7 hrs 4k @ 30fps. I went ahead and upgraded to a 256 GB card, which should be more than enough. Idea re: helmet battery: Instead of using the helmet mount for the YoloTek, I could run the juicebox from a pouch on my shoulder and then run a second reverse cam on helmet.

That’s a nice setup. I was expecting the battery bank to be much larger. Might be pushing the limit on the SD card. Looking at one of my videos, I think an hour at 4k @ 30fps is nearly 40GB. Won’t save you much more data, but maybe turn it down to 24fps. I can never tell a difference between the shutter speeds.

Tahdah! It’s ready adding it to the website today. Other colors and styles will be ready soon. Think I’ll just add some extra shapes and stickers for people to go wild with this one and place them wherever they want.


@KeslerDesignWorks Debating on whether to apply the rest of the stickers. I really like the simplicity of the ones I already applied.


I like it like that but it’s also fun to try to make 'em all fit. I ran out of space on my helmet because I have various ducts and Gopro mounts.

Looking great! It’s up to you. What’s great is you can try placing them and if you don’t like it peel ‘em. If you are gentle you can save them and reposition them.

You are pretty hand with the knife. Great job trimming them around the vents and visor!

New helmet, new design - just needed an Olfa knife and the back cover of a Grassroots Motorsports magazine.

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1.3 for the price of 1

I gussied-up my rain helmet using the remaining two pieces.

Oooh just ordered this:

To go with this:

I bet you don’t even like cherries and just bought them for the photo shoot

I was sorting out the overripe ones and had an “aha” moment.

You guys have rain helmets. I cant have another one for 900 just for rain. Whats the benefits??

I don’t have a rain helmet per-se. it’s just that I bought a second helmet from a friend so the newer one is my “race” helmet and the older one is now my rain helmet. It’s older and more chipped up. Rather than retire the old helmet, I leave a clear visor on it.

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