Custom Helmet Sticker Kits

Red hardware is going to look awesome! Well, here I go down a rabbit hole looking for a hardware kit for mine…

I’m sorry I made you spend 24.99 plus shipping

It occurs to me that @tjkoyen is an arai dealer and I could prolly bot it from him but I forgot and now his baby is sad.

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I have hardware kits, yes. Both Arai anodized and aftermarket “jeweled” kits.

Jeweled? Tell me more with illustrations.

Bling sounds good.

Soon I’ll have a rain helmet. Waiting on the freshness to arrive of the new one. Old one cycled to rain/practice. New for race day

Red hardware and the elusive KartPulse stickers!
I guess I have graduated from white helmet gang.


You are decked out! The red hardware really sets it off. When’s the enduro so you can try out the battery pack?

Race is Saturday at NJMP with young master Elias Shirley!

I shall be resplendent in my awesome helmet. Thank you so much!

The new hardware purchase was made easier by the fact that I had lost a couple pieces from the rain helmet so I got to swap.

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That’s gotta be worth at least a couple tenths, right?


@tjkoyen Finally found a decent photo of one of my painted helmets. This was my 2nd painted helmet and was really bitchin’! All freehand and just learned how to do lightning bolts so the back had a couple running down it.

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Haha nice! Not really a flames and mouth kinda guy, but I respect it.

Dad is an old-school hot rodder, so flames were mandatory!

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And then he had children and had to put it away in a deep and dark closet.

Sneak-peek of a wild one! Fresh new look for myself. This abstract/graffiti style has been quite popular. :grin:

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That pattern would look awesome on some gloves.

I would love to design and produce suits, gloves, and shoes. But that seems like a hard space to be successful in. Need to know the right people/companies to get things made.

Quick mess around on my phone but hey presto!

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That looks sweet! Time to go down the rabbit hole of getting racing gear made…

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A couple of other designs are ready to go! I’ll be doing mine up with this style to show everyone in the next couple of days.


It’s here! Time to wrap… and well unwrap.