Custom helmet

I’ve been wanting to get my helmet painted for a while and I would like to know what options I have, is there a vinyl wrap that can be printed and put on my helmet, and if I get it painted is there a budget friendly option.


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Dewraps does helmet vinyl graphics, but I don’t see templates, so you probably need to contact them regarding whatever design you have in mind.

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I’m a pretty big fan of vinyl vs paint, it’s a great budget friendly option. I don’t think anyone does pre-cut templates, typically you’d take it to a good vehicle wrapping place who will usually also do helmets if you ask them to. With 2 or 3 coats of clear on top of the vinyl rubbed back lightly in between coats you can’t distinguish the end result between vinyl and paint. I’d love to get a helmet designed and painted by a chap in France - at $2000 for the paint job though plus 400+ for the helmet I just can’t justify it right now, amazing as his work is. Maybe a birthday present in couple of years time.

Mine is wrapped by a company called FOS Concepts here in Dubai, was under $250.

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I shall have to look into this. Vinyl seems to be a good budget option if done well.

Later this year I (Oktane Visual) will have some budget helmet design options available as well. Details coming later in the year.


Ooh. Great news! Keep me informed as this develops, please.

$250??? wholy crap, thats super cheap for that kinda work. I may have to ship mine down there… love your helmet. I went to gas monkey garage once, their parking lot is completely black from people doing donuts

any advice on what to look for in a company doing vinyl wraps? do they design it? did you design it? Id love to get mine done by TJ or savage designs, but thats quite a bit out of my budget

Yeah I knew what I wanted, basically a replica of the then current Gas monkey pro driver. I took a couple of pics from the inter web to the guys at Fos and asked can you do that with vinyl, fully expecting them to say no way. To my surprise they said yeah absolutely.

What I would say is when you ask, if they um and arrrr and say we’ll give it a go, walk away. You want to hear complete confidence ‘yeah man piece of cake!’

The gas monkey dude had sponsor initials across the top, I had FOS change it to ‘GYSOT’

The thing about 2-3 coats of clear with a light rubbing down between coats is to make the small layers go away, leaving a seamlessly smooth finish, that’s the only thing I wish I’d known about and asked them to do.

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Yeah - 900 Dirhams ($244)

How are custom designs created? Do the clients create them?

You either go with an idea what you want or you ask them for some ideas, there’s various helmet templates they can sketch onto before pulling the trigger

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I am guessing they have a machine that cuts the designs for them, making this a lot less labor intensive (instead of X-acto knives).

Yes they do 20 characters

I ask a client for some colors ideas and if they have specific wants with the design, or photos of helmets they like and I design 95% of everything I paint. I prefer it that way. People are coming to me for a certain style of paint job usually, so I like to design it in my own style, while still hitting their needs in the design.

Sometimes clients have sketches of ideas I incorporate too. But yeah, most the time it’s all me.


Thats really cool, I wish I could get mine painted but It costs as much as half of my race season. Keep me updated on the budget option you were talking about!

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Idk about all of them, but when I had mine done by TJ I had a general idea I had sketched out, and some features I wanted in the helmet. I then gave TJ creative freedom to design the rest of the helmet however he wanted as long as the (I think 4) things I had were incorporated. It ended up better than I could have imagined and I only made one revision with the color choice of one item.

It’s been 2.5 years since I got the helmet done and I still get people complimenting me on it and asking who I had paint it. The price was 100% worth it, if not a little unnecessary but that gets into a different discussion of whether any cosmetic “upgrades” are worth the money.

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Honestly TJs pricing is better than most for the quality and amount of work, custom things are just expensive and out of my range right now.

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I can vouch for TJ. I almost drove him crazy but the helmet he designed for me is incredible :smiley:

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I occasionally hear that helmet painters all produce the “same thing”. I love pointing your helmet because its really unique whilst still being recognizably TJ in an aesthetic sense.