Custom Kart Suit - Brand Options

I just wanted to get some of your feedback on the different custom suits available. Also would like a suit that is thin and not hot as we are in California.

Looking into K1, Torq, ORG

What’s your thought on them?

I haven’t seen many up close in our area over the last several years just what I can find on IG etc. It looks like ORG has very nice material but for the most part they all look like a template design just different color options and logos. Don’t know much about Torq but looks a bit more customizable. K1 not a huge fan of their regular suits but their custom ones look like a higher quality and seems to have a lot more customization available.

Thanks for your input!

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Hey Patrick! Here’s an older topic to get you started:

I have a torq which TJ whipped up for me. It’s a nice suit, more on the serious side. Level 2, which means it’s rugged and as a consequence, heavier than the cheaper suits. It’s probably comparable to a freem or other lvl 2 suit.
I am quite happy with it, and they are able to do custom measurements and design. For 550, custom measurements and graphics etc is quite reasonable, imho.

Edit: make sure you get pockets. I did not and regret this.

Here’s my butt: image
Nick is wearing a much cheaper sparco which is much lighter but also a nice suit (was 150 on sale versus 550 for the custom torq.) I’m done growing so I suspect I will have this suit for years to come.

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Hi @KartingConcepts ,

I can talk for Torq. Where are you in California, Cameron Karting our a reseller at Sonoma if you want to take a look at some of the suits. @tjkoyen (Oktane Visual) is a reseller who offers excellent design service as well.

Torq have three karting options and the prices have changed some from when Dom bought his. I’m just going to copy the blurb from our website, most info can be found on and in our estore.

TorqKart 1 - Starts at $649.95

  • Long lasting fabric,
  • Cordura outer layer for abrasion resistance
  • Soft sponge lining without seams for superior comfort and fit
  • Neck and sleeves lined with soft material.
  • Choose from belt and bootleg or cuff.
  • Always custom sized.
  • CIK/FIA Level 2 Homologated

Additionally I’ll add its an embroidered suit and we have a number of templates you can chose from, you can go fully custom for a fee and there are logo fees. Its a great suit, but its expensive. Personally and sure I could be biased, this is one of the best kart suits on the market.

TorqKart 2 - $549.95

  • Fully sublimated or embroidered, all one price, fully custom.
  • Light weight fabric.
  • Cordura outer layer for abrasion resistance.
  • Soft sponge lining without seams for superior comfort and fit.
  • Stretch panels in crotch and waist for added mobility.
  • Choose from belt and bootleg or cuff.
  • Always Custom Size.
  • CIK/FIA Level 2 Homologated.

This one you can do anything, sublimated, embroidered, as many logos as you want. I would put this at a similar level as ORG suits, maybe a little higher because we can do sublimated and fully custom (rather then templates).

ZeroKart - $499.95

  • Fully sublimated or embroidered, all one price, fully custom.
  • Cordura out layer for abrasion resistance
  • 100% perforated inner layer for added cooling
  • Floating sleeves for added comfort
  • Always Custom Size.
  • Adjustable waist belt.

This one is like a stripped down TorqKart2, it doesn’t have CIK/FIA homologation (which in some cases doesn’t matter) but its the same outer material as the homologated product and it doesn’t have some of the stretch panels. This is our entry level suit.

@KartingIsLife if this is too much like an advert then let me know and I’ll edit to just point to our website.