Custom MyChron Load Images - Show and Share

My ADHD got the better of my and I made a couple of images for my MyChron 5 today, figured we could start a topic to share our favorites. I’ve included a downloadable bmp ready to go if you would like to grab these ones. You’ll need to tweak the Threshold value to the left to make the “S” in the logo a bit sharper.

MyChronKeepKartingFun.bmp (100.6 KB)

MyChronDontSuck_KeepKartingFun.bmp (100.6 KB)

MyChron_Poop.bmp (100.6 KB)


My youngest son loves the grinch so I added this and didn’t tell him. Every time it would pop up he would try to get my attention to show me and by the time I went over to look it was gone. It was a lot of fun messing with him.


Sorry to bump an old thread. How can i make my own image? Can anyone teach me how to do it? Is it just straight convert to .bmp file from .jpg file? Or how?

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Used this all last year! People love it

I don’t see why that wouldn’t work! at least on alfano you just select the image from your phone.

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From memory, Race Studio 3 will allow you to upload the BMP it specifies dimensions as well.
So, convert whatever image you have to BMP, upload it via race studio and you should be good to go.

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Danger Dorito mission statement?


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“I have the gift; the gift of Swift!” :grin:

That is exactly where my brain went when I read that! :rofl: