Custom Mychron5 Stickers

Kinda related to Data? Who is printing/Making custom Stickers?

I used Jake Designs in UK. KartDavid in UK also does them.

I’m sure folks do it stateside too, but I bought at same time got a couple of sets of bodywork stickers.

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My wife just wrote with masking tape and a sharpie on mine. I believe it says something to the effect of “Quit being an ***hole”

I never had the guts to ask her if it was referencing my on track persona or my at home persona.

“You forgot to take the garbage out again”

“The dishwasher is loaded wrong”

“You farted so loud last night it woke me up”

Just throwing out design ideas for your wife.

This can’t be correct, everyone knows the man loads the dishwasher correctly.

Why not both? It’s somewhat liberating.

Look, the forks and knives have an intended direction. It’s clear as day.

The Decal Zone does Mycron 5 decals.

We used to use Carri at Creative Force Graphics in Colorado. She’s pretty great!

She can make either a standard graphic or the gel type graphic that’s a little more rounded and raised.