Custom Racing Shirts/Jerseys

Anyone have a contact or a place that does custom fully printed shirts? Something similar to the Birel shirt below. I’d like to get a handful made this year and the only thing I’m finding is custom short sleeve MX jerseys. I did find one cool site with a handful of premade designs.

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TKC guys hooked up with for their shirts I believe.

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Pryde does good stuff, also check with dirt racer focused apparel shops because I’ve found these kinds of shirts are super popular with dirt guys. There’s about a million dye-sub print shops out there now.

Not sure if Alliance does it anymore, but when I was making my own suits, they were doing a variety of dye-sub stuff for me:

Also check out Axcel Sports, as they do a ton of custom racing-focused apparel (and I get emails from them constantly asking me to be a dealer…) Their website appears to be broken though.

Might want to check with Torq as well. Another company I worked with for my suits and they do a nice work on custom suits, apparel etc. And Martin the owner is a nice bloke.

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Oh for reference, the Pryde TKC shirts were being offered to us at 70 clams, I think. Not cheap but v good quality. No idea how much much of a mark in that. That’s retail to me, the patron.

Thanks for the suggestions I’ll start reaching out. It probably will be expensive, but I’m only after like 5-7 shirts or so initially. A handful to wear on a long race weekend and a couple for the fiance. I just want something besides the three identical Under Armor shirts I rotate thru.

She wants to do more and more race photography this year so I’m working on a logo for her and want to surprise her with some shirts.

If the design isn’t too crazy, you could always just get some moisture-wicking tees screen-printed too for something a bit cheaper. I got some Korsasport shirts done with just the logo and some text on an Under Armor style material t-shirt for like $10 a pop.

That might be my best bet in the interim. I had a couple made last year, but the screen printing was only so-so. Might have to find another vendor to make me a set.

Screen printing shops are a dime a dozen, and these aren’t local to you, but I always have worked with Megwear or Styled Aesthetic. Both owned by racers (Megwear by former national karter Timmy Megenbier and SA by my good buddy WORLD RENOWNED kart racer and driver coach Steve Welk) and have a lot experience in motorsport apparel. SA does a ton of the apparel for the IMSA team kits and merch.

I was using some of those online print shops like Custom Ink and Prinitfy. Tough to choose who is making your shirts with those services.