Custom Racing suits for karting: anyone here repping/distributor?

Need a new suit.
Will need custom.
Prefer to support forum supporters.

Also, who wants to discuss design service @KeslerDesignWorks perhaps?

Check in with @dcorcoran. Carbon Digital does Torq suits and graphics as well if you want to update those too.

I have been working with Italo at Urace

Their suits are:

  • custom design - you give them an idea of what you want + colors and they will give you some design alternatives
  • tailored fit — you give them your measurements and the suit is tailored made

As a matter of fact, it is time for me to order a new one. Need to change from royal blue to Maranello red.

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The Urace suits are very inexpensive so I’ll probably try that route.

I really liked my Torq that I got from @NikG but I’d like to try a lighter suit next. The one I had was a thick one.

This is timely because I should probably consider a new suit. The main brands on my current one don’t really have a presence in the US anymore.

Space is for sale on new suit :smiley:

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Ooh I can get a McMahon Karting Enterprises logo embroidered if you send me a sticker sheet

I’ve started doing suits for people in our team in the PNW.

Same supplier as URace but one price.

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Wait did you not get one already?!?

What? A McMahon logo?

Oh yeah. I got sticker. I was just pulling your leg. Although a mcmahon karting enterprises logo would look nice

If you dont mind dealing across border, Epic Racewear in Ontario does nice suits. Several guys in our club use them. Exchange rate may benefit you as well.

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Thanks for the tip. Note to upstaters.

Does anyone have a picture of their suit when they were pro so I can mock up what a team suit would look like?

Like sponsors and how/where they were put, etc.

Looking for some inspiration.

(Definitely not pro by any means but I love my liquidsky suit from a few years ago) Shame it’s getting to small now :frowning:


I bet its not the suit that’s getting small! :wink:

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My quest to remove all this lead from the 206 :wink:

Thabks. That’s helpful, it’s a pity that dimensionally stable suit of your has developed a shrinking problem.

But don’t worry, after a period of getting fatter you will then lose weight randomly and have hair sprout out of your ears while your butt falls off.

I’m still squeezing into it :rofl: need to get a replacement very soon

Kind of digging the retro Johnson lettering on the guy in front of you. Maybe I’ll go for the 70s Evel Keneviel look

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Well i went for the steve macqueen style from the movie le mans . And looks super cool dom!

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That’s me haha Johnston! Buddy’s camera view, yeah I liked it as well, the first race factory kart looked very rothmans Porsche so definitely fit the theme