Custom Racing suits for karting: anyone here repping/distributor?

Thank you! :checkered_flag::100::checkered_flag::100:20 more

Aaargh need vector program I like that isn’t sub based.

Inkscape is an open source possibility. I’m not sure how similar it is to Illustrator. I used Illustrator back in the pre subscription days but was never as adept at it as I was in Photoshop. I have noodled with Inkscape but it’s been a long time.

Yeah. I have to spend more time with it to see if I can learn it.

I taught myself back in the day on photoshop/illustrator for most of the image stuff and QuarkExpress for layout. Everything has changed since the 90s :grinning:

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I’ve been teaching myself to use an open source GIS application called QGIS to help a local park district. The industry standard ArcGIS has become a bloated, expensive subscription based mess IMO. So far, so good! You can figure out Inkscape - if you just had enough time between kart racing and :shudders: work. :grimacing:

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Just picking nits but why are there only raster editing phone apps and no vector ones? Seems like there must be a reason.

I wonder if a phone screen isn’t really a good environment to attempt editing/drawing Bézier curves… :thinking:

Admittedly not but I do most of my design doodle whilst commuting. Mine is an underserved market of frustrated ex-graphic designers who don’t want to give Adobe monthly fees. (Because I already do for other software and the principle of the thing bugs me).

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It’s rare these days but I used to remote in from my phone to my laptop that was running inkscape to do on the move editing.

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I did some relatively simple page layout stuff in PageMaker on a Mac back in the day. Product sell sheets, display backgrounds, newsletters, that kind of thing. Dang, that was a while ago! :scream_cat:

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Working on mine for next year. Undecided if I’m going to keep the triangle effect. Might be getting too busy.

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Epic Racewear in Ontario, have an off season special on custom karting suits. I believe all orders are half off right now.

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Holy shnikies you weren’t kidding. I got my replacement pair of the same design, but this time they are normally priced at $60 instead of on sale from 80.

They are garbage. The material is poor quality. The finish is terrible. They are stiff. They look the same, superficially bit feel awful, rigid and tight, the original felt flexible.

The brand that was built on quality and design is now selling cheap crap. Maybe their 80 buck gloves are still good.

This just means I need to have nik do some gloves.

@KeslerDesignWorks glamour shot with new hardware

Yeah I’m still rocking my old pair and the new ones are my practice/backup set… Working on what I want for my gloves today. I am trying to match it up with my suit design.

Dayum that looks good! Little touches make all the difference. Mind if I post this online?

You may! Those are the pants. 4 pairs!

I’m thinking of returning mine. They didn’t even completely stamp out the top of the hand. There are some pieces of left over fabric on it

I mean they are still ok but it’s not what they were. Deffo moving on next pair. In any case I need to design my next ones anyways.