Cylinder Question

Hi this is a small uppdate. i have looked in my engine and it turns out my builder have mut in a 54.25 V cylinder and its only one size left and thats 54.27 do i need to change the hole cylinder or can i just buy a cylinder sleeve. ??

You’ll have to change the cylinder after that, but you can probably use two 54.25 pistons and then two more 54.27 pistons before it’s finally done.

But when i hone?? Doesent the 0.02mm get sanded off?
Or do i just hone littlebit? So you mean i can run the same size? Instead of green dot 11mm i use a 54.25 red dot so its a bit bigger

This is an interesting question. I would like to reline a KA100 cylinder but the only part shown is a complete cylinder, which is $700. In your case, Mike can you find the parts to reline a jug?

on mondokart a cyinder with no taxes beacuse its signed on a company is 490 euro.
Whats a jug excatly?

Jug is the cylinder with liner in 'merica speak :smiley:

I’m going to guess you can’t just buy the sleeve / liner and have it replaced because, per the rules, it’ll no longer be as-supplied from the factory without alteration.

Some craziness going on with pipes in tech right now because there is a tolerance in the spec that people were exploiting to their benefit and while they still had “legal” pipes from a dimensions standpoint they were modifying them to be at the very edge of the spec which is not allowed. That’s why the rule of “can be compared to other known factory part” comes into play and allows for those pipes to be disqualified.

Tough deal but trying to keep costs down, in this case it’s going to cost you more because I’m betting you can’t just replace the sleeve and need to buy a whole new cylinder.