Dairyland 8hr Team Race at Badger.. Looking for a seat, (or two Drivers)

Thinking I’d like to do this 8hr endurance on Sat. If anyone has a seat I’d be interested in buying

Or….if I can find two other drivers (Min per team is 3drivers) then I’ll load up the kart and trailer and head that way.

More info here:


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Too little runway but I’d have come!

I do not think I can lose 30lbs overnight, or maybe.

But with lead, weight gain is possible! I frequently have to lead up when racing with my contemporaries.

To be clear, this is not me calling James or anyone fat. Just reality of middle age.

Oh wait, I got that wrong. They want you guys to run how light?


What does an Lo kart weigh? 170ish? So 200 human. I’ll bet most adult teams are about 10 over on average.

Me neither but it’d be fun and lots of track time.
@Bimodal_Rocket I cross the scales at 390 all-in if I drink enough water

Yup that’s standard for our enduros. We run a “heavy” class in Chris series for those who want to compete heavier.

I am a maybe. I need to find a dog sitter or I have to make it a day trip.

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