Dap t85 carb and exhaust info needed

I’m new to the forum and am needing some info. I have a dap t85 motor and I cannot find out what specific carb and exhaust can be run with that specific motor. Does anyone know the specifics on the Dap t85? I’ve been all over the internet looking for info and have been unsuccessful. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Luke “The Duke”

You can try this Facebook group: DAP KARTS
They are Italian based, but a great source of info for anything DAP.

If it’s still in it’s original ICA spec you are looking for a Tillotson HL pattern pumper carb with a 24mm venturi. Which is what a lot of TaG karts use.

Tillotson’s HL360 is an inexpensive option. You can also go the way of Ibea, Hubchen etc for something a bit more performance oriented.