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New to karting with a long history of racing in other forms, so I know how valuable data can be. Just picked up a new to me CRG RS5, currently looking at lap timers, is there any advantages (lo206) of running a mychron5 (thinking of the ability to use cool gadgets like the tire temp monitors) over a simple lap timer like a Solo 2?

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The mychron (or alfano) allows for exhaust temp, rpm, speed, gps etc.
There’s a version called 2T which gives yet another sensor. Finally, you can buy an expansion bridge and attach pedal sensors.

All the data for mychron is viewed through race studio. It’s probably similar to what you are used to from cars.

Data is cool, particularly if you have a coach to help interpret. I’m not sure it’s hugely relevant until you are reasonably sharp on the kart. That being said, putting your RPM trace over a hot shoes trace is very enlightening. You can see exactly where you are braking, how hard, when you are getting back to throttle etc.

For me it was snowmobile ovals, definitely irrelevant to karting in any form, but data was valuable for cvt tuning and chassis set up. I guess a broader explanation of the question is, is there really any benefit to additional data for the cost involved, especially in 206, or will I be just as well off taking tire temps and pressures off track (lots to learn with reading tires, I know) and just focusing on logging lap times. This is all much cheaper financially than snowmobiles, probably not worth stressing the additional cost of a basic solo to a mychron 5 haha

Well, I don’t think it’s critical or anything. But, you are going to want one just for laptimes. And, you probably will dive deeper eventually. It’s fun to mess with.

I don’t have any tuning experience and engines are a mystery to me. I’ll let others with engine knowledge speak to how a mychron is useful in tuning. Certainly knowing EGT probably is very relevant.

@KartingIsLife care to take a stab at mychron relevance to engine maintenance and tuning?

For a 206 you really only use rpm and lap time. You can tell when your hitting the limiter so really rpm can be useful but not really a must have either.

I respectfully disagree with the notion that data acquisition is less helpful/necessary on the 206 class. I would get a Mychron 5 or Alfano 6. The ability to have RPMs over layed with speed/GPS can help you a bunch. In a class with no hp to make up for driving mistakes, I want every piece of driving data I can get.

One of the best things I ever did was throw my Alfano on a better drivers kart so I could compare his laps to mine.

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With previous racing experience you’ll want lap times and RPM for sure. Once you have gearing figured out you can use RPM to gauge your speed apex and exits speeds. This can help evaluate what lines/techniques worked and what didn’t.

Biggest problem right now is that there’s a big production backlog of new data loggers.

You can pickup a used Mychron 3 for as little as $150 that will show and recall lap times and RPM. Exporting is a bit impractical on the 3 though.

For the 206 you won’t really need temps. CHT can’t hurt, but it’s not used much.

Yea that’s the issue right now, availability. I talked to a company up here in Canada that has 10 on order, a few available yet that I put my name down for but they’ve been back ordered for 3 months now, they have solo 2’s in stock, only downside is no ability to add any sort of sensors or rpm. I have a handful of koso mini tachs but obviously that leaves me without being able to overlay that on my lap data. As for cht, I could care less, very likely never an issue on a 206. Snowmobile on the other hand, dual egt’s, water temp, Jack shaft speed, engine speed, lots of data to sift through

Another upside is that the gps modules also have accelerometers in them. You can see at what threshold your braking is peaking and how many g’s you are pulling in the corners or sliding. The gps can also be overlaid on track maps to show driven lines. At least on the MyChron 5 and 5S. The MyChron 4 shows driven lines, but not overlaid on track map.

Well, if you like telemetry go for the Alfano 6, imo better than the Mychron 5 (nothing wrong with it) but the Alfano 6 is a newer device, more tracks in the database, you can customize the screen anyway you like, and so on (I’ve had both, Mychron 5 and Alfano 6, I sold the Mychron, kept the Alfano 6.)

Have fun!