Data from mychron into racerender

Here’s my first attempt at using mychron telemetry data in race render. Up till now I have been using the gps data from the gopro. Not the greatest of races, sorry.
Sadly, the gopro, which are terrific cameras, seem to have less good software etc. I found it a) really difficult to get the data in synch with the footage and b) the gopro gps data drops/fails a lot.
It’s actually pretty easy to do and it opens up a lot more possibilities in terms of data. For example, I can show RPM and speed. I might get some pedal sensors someday now that I know how to do this. Anyways, enjoy and feel free to ask any questions. Happy hump day and may the grip be with you!
Edit: it’s interesting how running curbs causes spikes in rpm. That can’t be good for laptimes?

Curbs are a trade off in fast sections. Yes, they do cause a spike in RPMS. Depending on the engine this can be a major or minor issue.

In a Briggs, for example, we have found that you can hit curbs hard enough to jostle the float in the bowl, and cause the engine to cut out. More resilient carburetors / engine setups may be less affected by this, but it is fascinating to see it in the power band. You can see bumps in the track too if the track is worn.

This is interesting to me. Any more info on Racerender?

Thanks! What kind of info are you looking for? If you aren’t familiar, it’s a downloadable software package that is basically a motorsports oriented video editor. It works with data from whatever source and allows you to display that info.
So whatever you can record on your mychron can be displayed graphically with a widget. what it is not great at is titles and stuff. If you want to do cool fades and swipes or the like with titles, you’ll need to do that in something like hitfilm.


I’ve used it a few times. It works quite well and gives you a decent amount of customization in terms of the display and so on. Basically you’ll export the data from RS as a CSV, import it into RR along with the video then manually sync the data with the video.

There’s a free version you can play with:

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From the few times I’ve had to use the RaceRender support, they have been very good.

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Hey Dom, have you found anything better than this combo? Is this still the best way to go about this, or is there something better out there now?

Yeah, I still like it alot. It’s pretty limited when it comes to titling, though. The data widgets are great. I think the timing and speed info widgets are useful. Rpm, also, low and high.

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Thanks for the update. I see there is also dashware. I guess I’ll have to tinker with both.

There’s a demo you can mess around with.

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I use it fairly often for kart and cars. It’s great for data overlay and basic video editing, especially syncing data with multiple video sources / Picture in Picture.
I may be a bit biased though since the creator of RaceRender is also my best friend…
There’s also a mobile app called TrackAddict that is fun to play with, probably more applicable to car usage, and works best with an external 10hz gps

Here’s a basic example of just a quick export with PiP

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This is how I use it for Gopro telemetry on Rentals:

Little video that does a quick getting started type walkthrough.

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