Data & Lap Times for Indoor Karting

Curious to know if anyone has ever tried building a basic “rig” to get live lap times (or any other data) when indoor/rental karting. I also know there are many iPhone apps that serve this purpose (where you just hit “record” and drive with the phone in your pocket), but I haven’t found any that can work without cell service or GPS enablement. Most indoor tracks that I know of do not have good cell service. In fact, tracks in general don’t often have good service because they are located in rural areas.

What I need some kind of system that is small, easily transportable, and quickly set up (within minutes) to allow me to at least get live in-kart lap times, and maybe even split times or other data, at best. I remember AIM used to make the “MyChron Light TG” (image link below), which was almost the perfect solution because it was so compact it could be velcro’d onto the steering wheel, and it used an infrared beacon instead of a GPS signal. Now I’m thinking of just buying one of my own :smiley:

Curious to know if anyone else has experimented with lap timing or data acquisition for indoor karting, and whether you think it has improved your driving? Please comment here!

I did see something someone put together on reddit I think. Lemme see if I can find. I think GPS is still required tho.

I have no clue if this is any good but it seems to use infra red like the aim item you showed. (Some of the aim things are on eBay).

Lap Timer Race Infra-Red Motorcycles Car XT AIM Mychron BestLap SV Racing Parts

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@Bimodal_Rocket I like this mainly because the transponder appears to be something I could put in my pocket while driving. I guess it’s cheap enough, I might just have to buy one and give it a try :joy:.

I haven’t used this device but it appears to be a good seller. Good luck.