Data4Drivers Webinar With Ross Bentley

Received in my email today… A very good way to spend $59 IMO

Hey, just a quick note to say that I’m doing a Data for Drivers webinar on Wednesday, January 17th (8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific). Even if you can’t participate at that time, by registering, you’ll be able to access a video recording of the entire session, along with the “hand-outs” I provide.

Is it for you? It is, if…

You’re currently using a data system, but would like to learn more about how to read the information to help you be a better driver

You’ve been thinking about getting a data system, but you’re not sure what to do with it?

You want to use a data system to coach yourself to be an even better driver.

You tend to use your current data system simply as an expensive and heavy lap timer because you’re not sure how to get more information out of it!

So, instead of taking up your time with this email, just go to to learn more and register!

What I should say, though, is that in my main presentation I’ll share dozens of examples of data graphs. And then, as in all of my webinars, there will be lots of time for Q&A. In fact, I’ve given up on saying that the webinar will last 90 minutes. It’ll last until I’m done answering questions, and everyone has left!

I hope to see you online on the 17th; I’ll share with you my 25 years of experience using data to help drivers perform better.


Also the data video series that we did with AIM would be a helpful reference to review prior to joining the webinar to get a head start! Most of these series are ‘car-focused’ and although most of the content can cross-apply, we also have some kart specific content too!

See link to KartPulse/AIM data video series on Youtube. Click the hamburger button to see the whole playlist of 24 videos.

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