Davenport Kartway Halloween Spooktacular

$750 guaranteed to win for 4 Cycle Sr. (206 & Clone) and Yamaha Supercan!
Davenport Kartway has produced some great racing. One of the last chances to race in the Midwest this year.

Website: http://www.davenportkartway.com

Track Layout:


Added a link to the site, a track layout image and noticed the track didn’t have a place\pin on google maps, so added that too so people can find it when then to location based searches around there… :+1:

Oh added it to the KP Track directory too…

Thanks James! For those that don’t know, this is a new track at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport, IA. The fair board put new asphalt down this summer specifically for a kart track/parking lot. Kevin Williams, long time engine builder and racer, is the promoter. Lap times are in the mid to low 30 second range and the layout makes for great racing. I’ve never seen so many passes at a kart race before! It sounds like quite a few Rt 66 regulars will be there this weekend.

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You’re welcome. If you can find a decent video on youtube of it, post that too.