Daves E-kart racing thread


Dave was wondering how to start a thread for E-kart stuff…

The thing is… you can do/start whatever you want.


I just dont know how to do it ?? Not that computer savvy…

Overthinking it a tad,… its really just making a thread and claiming it to be about something and then adding to it over time… like my sim racing thread.

Here is an e-kart being crashed to make the thread official…
I crash hard

Are ekarts too torquey at speed 4 for noobs?

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Serious question… this race was a mess and I feel like some of the drivers had too much kart.

Also. I was angry at a guy and was not nice this weekend which is also the fault of electric karts.

Look I know I go on and on about this… ACTIVE VISION, folks…

Look at crash above… look at kid ahead of me spin out when he sees guy ahead spin out… now look to his inside… did he need to snap spin? No. He could have sent it under between spun guy and wall and at least removed much of the impact. I’m ahead of the guy behind me and I had time to aim towards front spindle/wall and brake. It’s about eyes front.

Same story later with this guy:

He was actually like 2-4 kart lengths back… you can see me “see” the crash happening ahead. You can see me taking steps before turn in, The fella behind me is surprised… why? What is he looking at? My bumper?

There’s also: ev_karts

Yep! You go where you look. If you’re focusing on the back of kart (or car) in front of you, it’s easy to follow them off track or just poke the brakes and spin if you don’t know what’s happening ahead of you as seems to be the case here. It’s something that takes awhile to learn.

Yep, it appears we had red flags in every heat. Lotta torque/speed/walled in track. Not newbie friendly.

The fella that four wheel drifted is the kid I eventually lost my shit at.

He was poking his nose everywhere and generally making life spicy. He wasn’t trying to be a dick, he just didn’t know better.

I remeber @tjkoyen teaching me to stop that with his window shopping analogy.

Instead of raging at the guy I could been a TJ, but I am kind of a thin skinned racer putz as opposed to cool and collected pro.

I’ll post my moral failures later so we can all learn from Doms behavioral mistakes. Sigh.

Also the fella was like, “Hey I love your videos…”…

Me, End of race… “You wanna explain yourself fuckface?”

Jesus I’m 54… I can still act like a 16yr old moron. Why so fighty? A bit insecure? Hmmm?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Me every time I race in the Senior class… Then feel bad all the way home because I stooped to their level.

Well since I am very stupid, I had a 6 hr drive home in the snow/rain to reflect on my failings.

The kid did a stupid move that was a bit dangerous (kinda surprised me). I think he pressed boost while coming up on me and pushed me out of the way with considerable vigor! Kind of nuts but A+ for effort and creativity.

I got pissed because it felt like a choice. You can lift, change course, give back position, etc. However, given all his little sends, I think I may have simply misjudged his experience level. He seemed contrite which I was not gracious about (stupid me).

FYI: Long Island is the long thin state that points out to the sea from NYC.

Rhode Island is a small state lost in New England somewhere.

They are not the same.

Also, I would argue that rib protectors are mandatory equipment for rental racers. Big seats and broken dreams.


  • I love electric rental karts
  • Gas or go home
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Correct answer:

Flat long asphalt outdoor tracks: gas (momentum)

Short, technical, banked, multi story with uphillls: electric. (no momentum trains, karts don’t draft or coast at all).

E-karts seem to get to top end quick and settle there. Not a lot of fun when the revs stop rising. This means they are best going fast from corner to corner, never being able to reach the hard limit.

The power delivery is all in the bottom end and the torque is considerably stronger than most. At speed 4+, the kart feels very strong, saw-like, on the bottom end. It’s much much more grunty than the normal 4-strokes.

It feels like it’s more grunty from a standstill than x30, actually. It takes x30 a moment or two to get things sorted. With e-kart, it’s all Go till it’s done, which is about 2 seconds later, alas. You don’t get to climb up the pipe and howl like a banshee. A truly broad electric powerband would be terrifying…, imagine a wall coming at you, with linear accel.

From a newbie perspective I wonder if E-karts make some bad habits… no top end means you can’t out drag-race a guy to the corner. If you get a better version of the corner and you pop out alongside thr other guy… you don’t get a run… you both hit top speed and drive at same pace. So. For equal-ish drivers, it can be odd. The mistakes that get punished in momentum racing aren’t really present, here.

Boost + Push?

Quite the surprise, getting pushed across the track towards the wall. I do not handle it well.

Poor Alec (race director) also had to endure me expressing my displeasure:

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