Davide Fore Appreciation topic

If you know, you know.
If you don’t… well, lets talk about one of the (at least in my opinion) absolute legends of karting.

Davide Fore, SEVEN times CIK FIA world champion, direct drive and shifter\gearbox.
KZ2 Masters winner 2023
A karting “lifer” who’s career spans over 30 years during that time he’s probably beaten most of the F1 drivers and champions you can think of in the last 20.

Now, at 49 years old: SKUSA Supernats winner.

(As much as a Fore fanboi as I am, I was rooting for Musser too, he’s a legend and a lifer too.)


Aha! I smell hope for old dudes! Congrats Davide!

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I was hoping Musser would take the win. Would give hope to us mere mortals.

That said, I’m all for furthering the brand of the “karting lifer”. Cool to see Fore still get emotional for a win like this, when he’s already won everything under the sun.

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Unlike you and me, Davide was good before he was old :wink:


True, true! But let’s pretend.

He forgot how to age, or nobody told him.

And since you mentioned other lifers, I hope CRG can bring Manetti over next year, for a grudge match

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Who is Davide? (He’s a famous kart racer!)

By far the most successful driver currently racing, Davide Foré has won four World Championships, three World Cups and two European Championships, both in the direct-drive categories (Formula Super A, Formula A, KF1) and in karts with gearboxes (Super ICC and KZ1), demonstrating a very high level of competitiveness all the more exceptional as it spans more than 20 years.

YES! Hopefully the KZ2 masters will encourage some more of the karting greats who’ll then make he trip to Vegas. I’d love to see Pantano and Rossi come back too.


Watching him hunt down Musser (an amazing driver in his own right) and just his grace combined with aggression in how he charged into corners, but still artfully rotated and pointed at the apex. It was just awesome to watch.

Someone on that level just is in complete control. Really cool.


He’s a great ambassador for the sport of karting. Humble, gives back, and respects drivers on circuit. Need a few more of him in the next generation of karters to come through.


As far as I’m aware, Danilo has 0 interest in even stepping in a kart again. He did an exhibition a while ago in one of his old karts and even that didn’t really spark anything for him to get into the racing again. He’s content with what he did and what he’s doing now, which fair enough really, he’s arguably one of the most accomplished karter we’ve had in the sport. (I’m aware I’m saying this in a Davide Fore appreciation post, but Danilo is a 5 time World Champion, tied with a few others but Mike Wilson does have 1 more on him at 6)

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Yeah it’s become more of a legends of karting post and I’m here for it :facepunch:

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When I drove for Danilos team in 2006 he stepped into my shifter for a practice session. Was slow and came in saying “you guys take that corner in 5th” and shaking his hand like Italians do.

One of the greatest with no desire or need to prove anything.

It a difficult life for ex-pro karters. Very few can teach and even viewer understand the dynamics. Lots try to start teams but stumble after a couple of years. Danilo’s one the rareties who can do it all.

Part of the reason I always keep DR in my mind is just seeing him work. The US support may not be the best in the country, but when he comes over his karts look the best in the field almost every time. He just knows how everything works so well and exactly what needs to be done.


Interviews with Manetti & Fore




He gives me hope that even at 29 I could go back in and achieve the results I always aimed for