Daytona 500 winner’s Mooresville go-kart complex spans nearly 1 mile

Bit of a misleading title, but cool feature.

““If you get into a cart and you get good that’s all it takes to leap yourself into a professional career as a driver,” Murphy said. “And I think it’s going to be really cool for people to see that if you come out and put in the practice like Michael does you could potentially win a Daytona 500.””

I dont know how to feel, here. It’s accurate but feels wrong.

If this gets butts in seats, he’s gonna have to come up with kart feeder series for all these racers who dream of Daytona. Let’s hope so.


Fixed it.

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lol, but actually not without a fat stack of cash to burn.

Selling karting as a stepping stone to the pros is such a disservice to how much fucking fun it is.


You don’t even need to get in a kart, but it seems to be unpopular to talk that truth.

I was just thinking that. I really should win the lottery.

The italicized part is also optional. Not sure it’s required.


All hail Lord Raghunatan!:bowing_man:

That reminds me of a saying…How do you make a small fortune in racing? Start with a large one!

cool thats go pro i race ka there