Daytona Road Racing Tires

What is the general consensus on what compound tires to run on a LO206 on the road course at WKA Kartweek?

Required set size is 4.6/7.1.

LOL, not a lot of road racers here…

Get on YouTube and do some research. That’s what I do with open tire races.

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Honestly not sure if it makes a difference being flat out for 2mins [citation needed]. I guess you could opt with harder compound to reduce rolling resistance…. But that’s overruled by the draft anyway.

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Yea, i was being told that blues were the way to go but then some other front runners state the harder the better. So it might be a 50/50 thing

i didn’t even consider the rolling resistance…that’s a good point, thank you

Like I say, the draft is so huge I don’t think it matters too much.

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