Dd2 going into neutral

HI guys i have just got a dd2. When i throttle off from going full speed it seems to go to neutral and free revs a bit until i throttle back on again. So its shifting to neutral when i don’t want it to but only when i take my foot of the gas has anyone had any experience with this?
Thanks Tim

Take a look at your clutch. It’s possible it could be either out of spec or just dirty/greasy.

Ok will do its working correctly until i button off

I think Zach is referring to the Stall Speed of you Clutch (rpm that is engages/disengages). DD2, as far as I know, does not have Neutral. When you are on the throttle, you are bringing the revs above the stall speed, letting off allows the revs to drop below the the engagement point. Again, like Zach said, check to see if its dirty or worn below spec.

I have had a dd2 for a few years and have had two problems like this . Problem 1 the revs go up on their own under heavy acceleration, this is the over load clutch slipping on the axle, there are torque settings for this but I just keep nipping up the row of Allen key on the flange until it stops . The other problem I had to hold the gear paddle on the straight or would jump out of gear. This is caused buty the cable sticking in the outer. The best way to solve this is to change both inner and outer cable you can get from local bike shop. They need to be the longest they have . For good measure change the gear oil . I change mine every second session as I find the level drops. When I drain it only 100cc comes out . Hope you get it sorted as they are amazing machines.

DD2 Has a neutral gear.

Could you specify the problem bit more

The clutch works as it should under load. But when say at the end of a long straight I button off to slow down it goes into neutral and revs up when I get back on the gas it goes back into gear I have not tried holding the paddle shifter in the 2nd gear position to keep it in gear.

That’s exactly what mine was doing, change the oil and the cables, it is probably hard to select neutral as well you keep going past it . Holding it will work but it’s not ideal.

Thanks I’ll try the cables