Delete and Delete

Delete delete.

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Man that is tough. If the local people can’t service you, they aren’t much good. If hubs are the only thing holding up the sale that is an easy resolution, my guess is it’s something more significant but they aren’t saying. We have recently discovered a large void in our market as well, I’m exploring opportunities to become involved in a dealership/support capacity because the demand seems strong and it’s always nice to have local help.

I wish you good luck!

I’d be inclined to lean this way. You did try local, however it’s hard to support a local business that is unable to support you.

$6000 is more then you need to spend on your first kart. You’re on the right track buying a good used kart. This leaves the remainder of your budget to be spent on track time and coaching which will give better results for you.

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What manufacture are they supporting/ selling there? $6,000 for new LO206 is pricy, but not overly so for (new-new-new) depending on what chassis you’re going with . . .

$6600 is crazy for just the kart. My new 206 when I first started karting was 5,200 and included seat figment, oil, helmet, rib protector, basically everything needed for a day at the track. I think that you would be better off going somewhere else in my opinion especially since you’ve put down 2k and haven’t gotten anything. What chassis is it? Hubs can’t be that hard to find?

Just curious, where are you located? Maybe there is someone on here somewhat local that can suggest other options? I agree with the other $6600 seems high, I can get a brand new chassis and lo206 setup for less than $6600 Canadian, let alone USD.

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Yes where are you located, I’m interested in selling mine