Dellorto 30 Vhsh float height set up VHSH30

Well I have the baseline manual for that carb and specific working on a vortex rok 125cc engine.

The sheet says . " Level from the fl oat chamber plane
6mm on.

What that means? Where should I measure from? I’m also. Put a photo of the dellorto set up guide.

Cheers from greece. Screenshot_20190423-221005

I’m interpreting it as being 6mm down from the base of the carburetor body where it meets the float chamber.

Although it’s not entirely clear what the reference point is on the float itself.

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The floats on the vhsh are seperate pieces from the leverage arm which operates the inlet valve. The height referenced is the height of that arm when measured from the bottom of the carb where the bowl seats. They make tools which make this measurement easier, but basically pull the bowl off with the floats, turn the carb upside down and measure from the metal arm down to the bottom of the body (where the bowl seats).

Here’s a rebuild video.


Many thanks mates
Thanks Ricky!!

Problem solved here…