Dellorto vhsh30 setup?

I want to setup my Carb… but because I am new in this sport i couldnt take risk and do it right away
Does any body use the application of “Jetting Rok”?
With this setup am I going to risk my engine?

I did my setup on that application but i didnt check it on the grid… !

Engine is Vortex Rok Gp
Carb is Dellorto vhsh30
Weather : 30 degreas celcius
Humidity : %60
Grid has some medium straights
1 tour of grid is 1200 meters

I am wondering Can I believe in this app? Or CAN I USE THIS SETUP?

Any advices ?


The RoK and RoK GP are a little different I think. Is it giving you settings specific to the GP?

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This is what i have done

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You can go with those settings provided you make sure you follow the same oil/fuel ratio.

If you are a little concerned you can always go one jet size up as a precaution.

Do you mean Heat of EGT sensor?
They told me it must be between 600/650…
Thank you very much for quick answer