Delta MK10 parts

I’m restoring this delta mk10 go kart. Can anybody tell me a bit about them? Specifically where I can get parts for it, I’m struggling when I search with the make of it.
Thanks in advance.

I think in seden we have a shop called and maby mondokart has some

The problem here I think is that, like you, nobody can find any record of a Delta kart. The only thing I have found is a firm in UK who make fairground/ rental karts. Formula K. The founder is an ex kart racer. One of their fairground karts is called the Delta but it’s nothing like yours.Unless you get some response on here I would assume that despite the model tag yours is not a production kart.It certainly isn’t a common or well known one in UK at least.
The ‘categories’ listed on the tag are all 2 stroke racing classes from some years ago so the Honda ? engine is a later addition.
Almost all kart parts are generic rather than special to a particular make or model and dependent on your location ? there are numerous suppliers of suitable parts that will fit.

For some reason, I had no luck finding a CIK Homologation kart chassis list for 2003-2008, hence the “08” at the end of the 167/CH/08 homologation code in the picture.

I thought “Delta” may not have been a chassis name, but a specific model of a kart brand. Or, “Delta” could be the name of a manufacturing company that builds chassis under a different name, (for example, Parolin manufactures a number of different chassis brands such as Energy, Top Kart, etc.)

Sure enough, I came across an older homologation sheet that listed “Delta Srl” as the manufacturer of a chassis called MARI KART. A little more searching found this page giving a little more info of an MK10:

I couldn’t find much else about a Mari MK10 chassis. I don’t know if Mari Kart or Delta still exists or if a dealer that sold them is still around either. The latest CIK Homologation chart does not have Mari or Delta listed.

This website has an A-Z listing of old chassis brands that has an old Mari kart ad from the 90’s.

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Heres the CIK homologation list with the MK10

Mari was imported and raced by the Mills family in the UK in the 90s and noughties. JM Racing at PFI. If your in the UK they may know more.

And if you want to go straight to the horse mouth, Renzo Giugni was the owner of Mari. He’s on facebook and seems to be active in the historic karting scene.


Really appreciate the responses guys, I’ll be having a look at the great info provided.
Loving the restoration so far. Took the thing completely apart at the weekend, good news is all the parts look in good shape, just plenty of wire wheel work needed to clean it. Rear axle was rusty as hell, ended up using an old alloy wheel to knock the sprockets and bearings off, but got it done!
Once I’ve cleaned parts and resprayed them they should be good.
Started taking the engine apart, spiders nests in the air filter and box, in the carb etc. But inside the engine looks ok after cleaning. Piston head sits nice and the valves are flush with no movement.

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