Desperately need AiM memory key. HELP!


New to the forum. Excited to join you all.

Big ask, but I’m desperate for an AiM memory key. Need it before my next track session on Friday 8th July.

Can anyone help? Based in CA. Will reward handsomely lol

I’m guessing you looked but AIM European shop claims to have these in stock. However Ebay has zero of them, even though they are a discontinued item. You’d think there’d be used ones floating around.

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Yeah contacted Aim. Turns out they have none in stock despite what their website shows.

Try MDG Karting in Orange. Also find Facebook page for the club you’re racing with and post your need. Also contact Frank Baldozier he’s on Facebook also.

Hey thanks Larry :+1: sincerely appreciate it

This site says it has inventory.
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