Determining Correct Tie Rod Length

Looking how to determine correct tie rod length for a 2010 Monza 30mm chassis?

Or determining tie rod length in general.

Understandably the tie rod end is threaded. Can it be slightly unthreaded should the tie rod length be too short or is it better to fully thread the tie rod end? Please advise

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What length tie rods do you have now and what issues are you having with them?

This is a new build.

I have no tie rods at the moment and didn’t want to purchase them too long or too short.

With your steering facing straight forward and one of your front wheels facing straight forward, measure from the tie-red mounting hole in the spindle to the anchor point on the steering shaft. Subtract an inch for each tri-rod. Repeat for the other front wheel because some karts have different length rod from left to right. When you purchase the tie-rods, also purchase two left and two right hand thread tie-rod ends with jam nuts.
Suggest contacting someone like Comet Kart sales. They might have both the parts and the knowledge of what tie-rods would fit your kart.