Developing Daily Set Up Guides/ Notes

Being novice/ new to the sport, I have noticed that one particular guy I run with (who is admittedly an extreme type A personality) had a custom notebook that he designed and made to note his chassis set ups for each track/ race he entered.

Orginially I didn’t see value in it until I got more experience and I was relying on my terrible memory to recall what gear to be on, and what chassis adjustments worked in the past.

Then I noticed another racer I run with (very type B personality) also had the same thing that he developed for tracking changes and I thought, “Okay, they know something I don’t.”

So as my kids are walking back and forth stalking their christmas presents this morning, I decided to draft one. Take a look and let me know if this is a good one or not, and if I need to change anything.


Here are some I gathered from the internet and forums. Great for some inspiration.

2020 Kart Setup Sheet - Sheet1.pdf (55.9 KB)
basic-kart-setup-sheet-3-0.pdf (208.8 KB)
Chassis_Setup_sheet.pdf (896.8 KB)
KartClass_SetupSheet.pdf (1.4 MB)
SessionReportSheet.pdf (181.6 KB)
setup sheet 2.pdf (13.9 KB)
setupsheet.pdf (124.9 KB)


We use this one:
Kartronics Kart Set-Up
I do like some of those other ones that @Thierry posted, especially the ones with the safety checklist items.


Thats a good idea to add a safety checklist.

Just adding to this topic as it’s kind of a winter task that I wanted to tackle… I’ve created similar setup/data sheets which I just keep in a binder and fill them out… but with all things not being digital its a challenge to “search” and “compare” scenarios. Has anyone seen a web based product for this type of information? What was originally going through my mind was a web based data entry frontend and some type of database backend. You could then search for specific things. alternative would just have a template to add to mychron data comment but I haven’t tested the character limit of this.


There’s a kart setup app. You can enter all the parameters and also offers analysis and give you feedback on what to adjust on your kart.

I’ve seen a couple ios app ones, but there isn’t a great way to sort/search your data that I can tell. if you know of away please do share.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have any search / filter option.

Over several years, I have designed and modified a personal data sheet specific on the info I use and the changes we typically make for each run. It’s compact and anally detailed to the specific chassis we’re running when necessary. A lot of your information can be noted with checkboxes and a few blank lines for measurements to streamline note taking time.
I collect data for 4 runs on one side of a sheet. Sheets resemble several in Thierry’s links.

Even though club race stats begin to look similar, there are always changes to learn from. It’s also nice to be able to go back to see what worked and didn’t at a given track at a specific weather condition.

I actually developed some karting setup software that has a built in optimizer and has setup tips. Runs on windows and you can load and save as many files as you want. This is the exact problem I was trying to solve :slight_smile: the whole karting world still seems to use pen and paper for some reason. $30. Check it out:


Seems like a real interesting idea but surely the results could skew due to factors such as tire wear, track conditions, environmental conditions etc etc

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It could, but it’s useful for practice and it’s not to say that you can’t account for that a bit yourself.

Keep in mind that’s only for the optimizer. I think there’s a ton of value in digitizing setups and having setup tips at hand. You can literally duplicate a setup and make your changes in seconds! Load files with descriptive names, and take advantage of your computers organization to have folders for tracks, drivers, classes, etc… To me it seems like a no brainer :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, for sure, not necessarily needing folders and files, just a really good spreadsheet *italian finger kiss

Recording what you used last time during similar conditions might not be the exact setup you need this time but at least it will get you close to where you need it. Tag the setups for specific conditions like “Wet” “Cold” “Overcast” “Night” “North Wind” “South Wind” “Hot” “Dry Air” “Humid” etc.

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Exactly! I made sure to include a free form area for that reason :slight_smile: