DFM recommend try pressures

Hi all
New to karting can any body help on a starting point for the DFM tyre pressure. Running in queensland

Good starting point would be around 12psi.
If it’s cold we start as high as 14psi KA3 light but when it’s hot we can be as low as 10- 11 psi. Tyres should raise 2 psi from starting pressure, hope that helps.

is that 12 psi when the tree is cold

12 psi cold in the shade.
Usually the right rear does a little bit more work due to engine weight on that side, so maybe run 1/2 a psi less in right rear.
Check tyre pressure as soon as you come in off track, tyres should rise 2 psi, if they rise more or less than 2psi then adjust accordingly so you end up with a 2 psi increase.
3psi increases would be absolutely the most you would want to see “IMO”.