Diesel Kart

I want to make a diesel kart but i need to make a frame, I dont have tube/pipe benders but i have a welder grinder ect all the basic tools and a few misc items, any tips for frame building or extremly cheap frames that can take tourqe

You could look at a shifter chassis maybe. The problem is, where would you drive it? They won’t let it on track, most likely. What’s your idea, engine-wise?

I have my own property and a buddys property and permissions from farmers for in there fields

I would want somthing taller and off road capable and pretty cheap

Looks like you need a yard kart of some description. I can’t be much help there I’m afraid.

I wouldn’t worry about the torque number too much, in the scheme of things it’s not really a lot.

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well i will have a turbo and some internal upgrades

If you are running it on dirt you have built-in slip that makes torque a non-issue (other than maybe the chain if too small).

Well i still need a frame building idea or a cheap frame i heard using a dolly earlier on somewhere else but idk

Have a gander at yard karts i general. It could be that for your application (off-roading) you might be able to just buy something appropriate.

If part of the fun would be the project of building it, sadly I am pretty clueless in that department.

Here’s a couple for sale on the web:

About 1000

The big boys look like 1500-5000

Choose your own adventure…

I think i will save up for the bottom one from go power sports

Diesel’s typically need a turbo or else you’ll have a Murtle the Turtle! It will climb any hill you choose, but it won’t go anywhere fast.

so, while im saving up a buddy is giving me his old murray track 2 mini bike looks like i will have a diesel bike for a bit :sweat_smile:

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