Different models of OTK Seats

Recently I’ve noticed there are some seats that are thicker than others or more translucid
Does it make a difference in driving or is just something minimal?

First off, Welcome to KP!

I’ll take a crack Emilio but I’d defer to the more experienced guys…

Seats in karting are part of your suspension (they flex). Seats are a tuning aspect of a kart.

Karts have manufacturer recommended types and positions. However, a driver if non-standard shape/size may benefit from a seat with different rigidity/shape.

So, yes, they vary in shape and thickness for different drivers shapes/needs.

Seats definitely make a huge difference in your kart. Flex of the seat etc. don’t know all the details but the T11VG from Tillet is :ok_hand:

thanks, it’s just that in the team I’m in there’s a driver who has problems with his seat, but according to experienced workers the older and new drivers never had problems with any model of the OTK seats. So I was just wondering if the seats affect the driving cause I just started 3 months ago

They sure can. What’s the problem with his seat?

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I think the stock OTK seat is just that stock generic. Doesn’t really work for all drivers

it wasn’t comfortable for him and it didn’t bent a lot, but apparently they gave him another seat and he’s ok now

Glad to hear it. The seat shouldn’t hurt or be too lose.

My only real option to buy a new seat is online. Is there something I should be looking for since I can’t try before I buy?