Differenze between MG Yellow and Vega Red

Hi everyone,
Very simple question: what’s the difference between these 2 tires? I run with X30 on Praga chassis, last year we had the Vega but this year we have to use MG.

Tomorrow I’ll try MG for the first time, what should I expect? Not only in laptime but also in drivability, lateral grip, rear grip when I go on throttle, sliding, heating, and some setup tips.


Im not aure about all Vega Red but the CKNA 206 Vega Red vs MG Yellow is quite different.

Vega Red stickers have a ton of grip! First heat cycle they definitely have the nost grip of any tire I have driven on in the opening laps/1st drive cycle. The MG Yellows suck, pretty bad on first few laps. I generally heat cycle them once before qualifying as they seem to give much better grip.

After that, I would say similar grip levels and consistency. The MG is a harder sidewall for sure but my kart doesnt require big changes between the two.

I imagine on an X30 it could be completely different though to a 206 as you put so much more energy through the tires so this might not be helpful at all.

I agree, Vega Red in the first laps are fabulous. Harder sidewall is interesting, it means that I have more lateral grip in the middle of the corner? Vega Red sidewall is inesistent, so I used to trail brake very hard until the middle of the corner. With harder sidewall I can go sooner on throttle, the MG should support this?

Vega Reds should be noticeably slower compared to an MG Yellow. A Vega Red has an IRHD of 57, MG Yellow is 37, meaning the rubber compound itself is way softer in the MG Yellow. An MG Red is a 50, so it’s a bigger gap in compound from MG Yellow to Vega Red than it is from MG Yellow to MG Red. I’m not sure how the balance of the kart will change, but you’ll have such a significantly more amount of grip that it’ll be a big adjustment for you no matter what.

The MG Yellows struggle on first sessions in a 206 because they have so much grip they actually bog the engine on exit. On an X30, you should be noticeably faster in even the first session.

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