Dirt kart settings

Something I’ve been thinking about; dirt kart front end settings. In my time on Bob’s, I saw many recommendations for kart set up. Most of those settings included something like 3° camber RF, -1/2° on the LF.

I’ve always wondered about that LF setting. When you turn a dirt kart to the left, the camber immediately goes negative, why add to that?

I don’t understand why you would want to ride on the outside edge of your tire, in the 1st place, and adding negative camber only increases that. If you had positive camber, when you turn the steering to the left, you would get more tire contact. Seems to me that would be more desirable. Has anybody ever tried it?

Where am I going wrong, I’m really interested.

I believe it’s to offset the compression (downward vertical) force that you get on banked turns.