Dirty Tires

My son ran his kart into the grass a couple weeks ago. By the time we got back to the trailer, the tires had already cooled down and all the embedded hay was stuck all over. I tried scrubbing it off, but it was too late. Any idea how to properly clean tires? Saw some YouTube videos with guys using a belt sander. Kind of seems aggressive. Not sure if buying tire prep solvents would help or is even legal.

Once they heat back up they will clean themselves. I have visited the infield many times and this has been my experience. Not trying to be flip, maybe just not understanding the question.

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Like Dom said generally that pickup of grass, stones (and often bits of rubber) will come off the tires after a few turns. You only really need to worry about it if your very next run is straight to a green flag… race situation autocross for example.

Yeah, I agree with Dom.

After 3 laps, he came in they looks clean again. Thanks.

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