Distributing weight

As a living sheet of paper making weight is hard to do. The goal for this season is to get the kart setup as soundly as possible so instead of junking two large cinderblocks on the back I want to even everything out. I weight the kart using some bathroom scales a flat surface and some apps to see that I still come at 40lbs underweight which was expected my main question is how do I go from this and distribute the weight as best as possible. I figured I’d add a bolt and add weight to the front near the steering column but wanted your opinions. Also all measurements are with me in full gear in the kart. Also figure the sprocket/ rear pipe bracing and wrap may give a lb or 2 but waiting on those to be delivered.

Mind you I figure these are rough estimates right now anyway using bathroom scales but Looking for ballpark area.

I use an app called KartBalance. You plug in your numbers and then it allows you to add weight and it will come up with a simulated/predicted weight.

First thing if I was there scaling it would be to Take that lead block off the back of the seat and fill that gas tank up 3/4 full to simulate a race of burning off fuel… do that and rescale. If the fuel tank is empty you’re losing 10 or more pounds off the front. Make sure the alignment is set properly and air pressures are right. It needs to be 100% track ready.

Kind of odd that the LF is way heavier than the RF.

If it was me I’d tweak the LF to transfer weight RF. Place a wheel under the LF tire and jump/ stand on the C part of the spindle a few times and rescale, but don’t over do it.

OR drop the RF spindle one spacer and rescale. Doing this will transfer about 6-7 lbs to the right and be much closer. Once you get the base scaling it’ll be much easier to add weight, vs guessing.

Ideally you want the front to be within 1 lb and the rear within 2, but I’ve gone as far as 5-10lbs and it’s been okay.

First thing that strikes me seeing your corner weights - is the chassis straight? Corner weights heavy at diagonally opposed corners is often indicative of a bent frame.

Secondly, is that set up how you ran it previously? Generally front wants to be around 43% - so transfer that weight from the seat back to the front under your groin.

Agree with filling the tank, scaling should be done as the kart would be for a race. Tank filled, you kitted up sitting in the seat. Fuel will help your front % too.

Confirm everything is straight, and then I would chop up that brick into smaller pieces to move them around better. Aim for 41-43% front weight. I always start with a moderately full fuel tank and getting the front to rear balance correct. Then I might move around weights on the seat to even the side to side.


Chassis is twisted and is up on the right front. Fix that before anything else or this exercise is futile.

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Before you go jumping on a chassis, are your tire pressures set and are your scales confirmed level with a level, not just that they’re on a maybe flat floor?

Did you verify all four scale read the exact same with something heavy on it one at a time?

Also, did you roll the kart back and forth a bit to make sure the steering is centered?

I agree that I wouldn’t start twisting your frame up before you know for sure that it’s bent.


Going to get back to it tonight and remeasure everything with gas and tire temps.
I also used a sniper to check for front end straightness and it doesn’t look great. In the mean time is there any kart shops in northern Georgia or Atlanta area that offers chassis straightening. Also I can go to comet in Indy it’s just a bit of a longer drive.

Or better yet the Tennessee area.

Making sure the scales are as level as possible is very important too. Like you I use postage scales as a “close enough” because I’m only using them once a year or so, but I have a large flat piece of metal I place across 2 scales and use a bubble level to make sure they’re even. If they’re not even get thin vinyl floor tiles to place under them to even them out.

You could check with AMP in Dawsonvillle, GA. Its about a 2 hour drive from Chattanooga.

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Does this look correct? I lost a ton of weight, so now I’m having to use weights for the first time. I started a weight loss journey, after someone took a picture of me and I looked like I should be wearing maturnity cloths (Powered by shame) :rofl:. Started at 228lbs and now I’m 194lbs.

2 five pound pucks
31 pound Lo206 engine

Do I account for the fuel weight and location? Or was that incoperated/ accepted for during the base scale weight?

My weight class is 390lb, and now my tank has to 90% full to cross the scales and make weight.

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Hey Dean, you’ll have more accurate results by scaling the kart with the motor on, you in full gear as you’d race it, and fuel level where you’d race it. Basically everything but the weight you’d add, then use the app to figure out where to position it.


What Chris said 100%

You are gonna like how your knees will feel! Congrats! I found the weight loss to make a huge difference on track.

I was powered by shame. Buddy snapped a picture of me from the side, and it looked like I should be wearing maturity clothes. I was like, “Oh hell no.” :rofl:

Good catch Chris. We took two weights, one with me on it. Let me pull that one.