DIY Chassis Protection - Bad Idea?

So a fairly common mistake (for me at least) at our track is dipping a wheel off the track. When this happens, the edge of the track can easily scrape the hell out of the middle of the kart. I have regular chassis protectors in the front but that doesn’t do anything for the rear cross bar behind the seat.

I did some searching for a good solution to protect the rear cross bar and was surprised that there isn’t nearly as many options as there are for the front part of the kart. Options looked like 30mm axle collars or some polypropylene spiral wrap.

The axle collars seems like a good idea for the side parts of the chassis. For the horizontal bar, it really wouldn’t protect from the edge of the track unless the high point happened to be right where the collar was. The spiral wrap seems silly expensive ($9 /ft) and of questionable durability.

So I had an idea walking around Home Depot…I cut a section of 1” pvc and then cut that in half long ways. That perfectly snaps onto my 30mm chassis and holds very tight. I threw two pipe clamps around it as well.

Total cost was like $5 with $4 of that being the pipe clamps. Probably not going to be super durable but would be easy enough to replace. Not sure how the pipe clamps will hold up. They are stainless but quite thin.

Worth sending it and see what happens? Any other options I’m not aware of?

I think this sounds like it will work. The only thing I would suggest is cutting a shallow grove for the clamps. Since the clamps are the high spot they will wear first. If you have a bench grinder that would work or a dremel tool. OR just make it longer since it sounds like you are seeing wear more in the middle.