DMAX Championship 2018

Hi all,

Been a little while since I posted but I thought I would share that I have switched to outdoor racing. Partly choice but also the championship that was run on the indoor circuit in Manchester has, unfortunately, not been continued for 2018.

This past weekend I competed in my first DMAX Championship round here in the UK at Milton Keynes. DMAX are 2-stroke 22 bhp Rotax EVO 125cc engine Karts. I have raced the Kart and Track combination before in last years 24 hour event.

With this being a straight one hour race, no multi-class racing like the 24hr, it was certaintly a baptism of fire going in to the event.

The event is broken down in to weighted categories. Classes (fully suited with helmet):
Lights: 70kg (154lb) - 85kg (187lb)
Inter: 85kg (187lb) - 97.5kg (214lb)
Heavy: 97.5kg+ (214lb+)
Super Heavy Sub-Class: 105kg+ (231lb+)

I was in the Heavy class and Super Heavy Sub-Class. I am not blessed with being light but it is something I am working on. I came in at 111kg (244lb) fully suited. I was naturally disappointed but I know I am doing something about it.

I qualified 12th out of 32 for overall Heavy grid and pole for the Super Heavy subclass.

It was an awesome experience to compete and gain some race experience and race stamina in that time. We had a red flag after a nasty crash that caused a broken ankle for a guy unfortunately.

There was 20 minute sprint to the end where I finished 10th overall in Heavy and won the Super Heavy sub class. I am absolutely buzzing over the achievement and looking forward to taking on more races this season!



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Gratz Nick! For the 1 hr race, do you do all of it by yourself or are you doing it with a group of guys and switching off? I’d imagine an hour of karting nonstop would be brutal.

One hour alone, it’s taxing for sure