Do any of you do screen printing as a job? I need work done

I am not having any luck getting my rebel scum jackets screen printed.

Any of you have a screen printing biz that can accept an order for 5 jackets?

I don’t but I used to use 63 Ink and they’re run by karters.

I shall beg them humbly for my custom. I thank you.

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Do you happen to have a link? All I’m getting from google is a HP ink site. Maybe a keyword

Here you go: Home — SIXTY THREE INK

Awesome, thanks again!

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What are trying to get done? Are you trying to get jackets that you already have screen printed or do you want some jackets to come with your design screen printed on them?

Yeah, I have bought jackets and I have vector files I wanted screen printed. Large back, small on chest. 5 diffferent names.

Rebel Scum Team Logos.pdf (695.1 KB)

Truth be told, the jackets are gonzo since the guy ghosted me. So that’s maybe a thing that’s in your wheelhouse.

Keep in mind, depending on jacket type or material most screen print heat press exceed 300 degrees F. Also if you have multiple colors there will be a screen charge for each one. If you can find a shop that uses direct to garment, which is like a ink jet printer that would the way to go for small batches. But they still use heat to set.

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Yeah I’m saying screen printed because that’s my guess but I would go with whatever the shop tells me works

well those colours from the scum logos , remind me the colours from los angeles lakers nba team a lot !! :grin:

I am Fletch re-incarnated. Fletch is an investigative journalist and the book series was a popular “detective” mystery series. But also humorous. Fletch was a BIG fan of the Lakers.

“Pardon me m’aam, can I borrow your towel? My car hit a water buffalo…”
-Irwin Fletcher

Also the sequel, Fletch Lives, is a good as the original movie, which usually isn’t the case with sequels. Well done, Mr. Chase.

Speaking of which…

Lakers vs Knicks last night. The really tall guy with headband is a famous player. I don’t actually follow basketball but I do like the Lakers.

The character of fletch is based off the books by McDonald: